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Whether you need new tires or just a vehicle facelift, Maple Hyundai Tire and Wheel Centre is the place to be! Tires and wheels are among the most neglected component of any vehicle on the road. As drivers, we take for granted the importance and safety implications associated with well maintained and structurally sound wheel and rims.

Why are Tires and Wheels Important?

Besides the obvious advantage of increasing your Hyundai's already stunning good looks, tires and rims are important for many safety reasons. The tire thread and appropriately sized rims that are outfitted to your vehicle determines your ability to grip the road, turn with the agility and ease you require, and be able to come to a complete and full stop when you need to most. Without good tires and the right sized rims, you will have less control behind the wheel which can place you and others on the road in harm's way.

On your next scheduled service appointment have our qualified technicians check the condition of your tires and wheels. If any component of the tire or wheel falls below the standard, our technicians will let you know and provide you with information to have your vehicle operating in peak condition in no time. Our technicians are qualified to remove your old tire off the wheel and install new tires and rims.

Contact Maple Hyundai Tire and Wheel Centre

Contact Maple Hyundai Tire and Wheel Centre today for more information on the many services we offer. Alternatively, you can access our services online and find the right winter or summer tires for your vehicle. You can order your new tires and wheels individually or as a package. And don't forget to browse our site for ongoing specials in our Parts and Service Department!


Maple Hyundai

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Additional Services Available to You

As the preferred Hyundai dealership in town, we offer additional services for your tires. Below are some additional items you can take advantage of:

Tire Storage

The mode of storage determines the quality of your tires. At our Hyundai Tire Centre, we preserve your tire's quality through proper storage that ensures the tire's safety and longevity. Contact us now to help you with storage so that you may not incur the cost of buying new tires due to the deterioration of existing tires.

Tire Rotation

Though underscored, tire rotation is a critical aspect that ensures your tires last longer. Rotating tires from one location to another is vital in providing the tires wear out uniformly and lasts longer. Ideally, tires should be rotated every six months. Our Hyundai Tire Centre Services in Maple, Ontario, focuses on tire rotation to improve the performance of your tires.

Tire Repair

Tire repair is one of the key services offered by the Hyundai tire center. You have a limited budget and can't afford to buy new tires. We help fix your tire to continue serving you before you budget for a new one. We focus on repairing bead damage, rubber deterioration, and other tire repair services during tire repair.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is another critical facet in repair services offered by Service Centre. The tires roll smoothly if all areas of the wheel-tire are correctly balanced. Balancing ensures the tires wear evenly, reduces tire wobble, which might cause friction. A properly balanced wheel ensures you enjoy a smooth ride free of discomfort.

Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is another essential service we offer. The service includes adjusting the suspension. The critical aspect of a wheel alignment is making angle adjustments on the wheel, affecting the road's contact. View our Parts Specials today to enjoy great offers.

Install Tires

Have you purchased new tires and expect to replace the old ones? Our Hyundai Tire Center focuses on helping clients with tire replacement. If you are wondering how to replace your existing tires, view our Service Specials today to enjoy the great offers.


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