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  • Matthew
    Sales Manager

    Matthew has been in the industry for close to 15 years, starting as a sales person and moving up to Sales Manager.  Whatever questions or concerns you may have please feel free to call him at any time.

  • Joon
    General Sales Manager

    Joon brings over 15 years experience to our dealership, with a background in sales and business office Joon is able to help out with all facets of your experience here. 

    (English and Korean)

  • Corrado
    General Manager

    I will be asking the following sales people to do up a walk around on the following items to put up as well.  I have asked the guys to have the video's ready by/before Wednesday of next week.  Please see Joon for the video's.
    (English and Italian)

  • Stefano
    Sales Staff

    Stefano brings over 5 years of experience with not only Hyundai but also with a Toyota background.  He is able to help out with your Navi and Bluetooth set up in a flash.

  • Jay
    Sales Staff

    Jay has been with us since the Spring and is very knowledgeable and able to speak multiply language's.  He has been great addition to our team, Jay is also an expert with setting up your Navi and Bluetooth systems. 
    (English and Korean)

    *Please see Jay's video in Korean on how to set up your Navi and Bluetooth

  • Anthony
    Sales Staff

    Anthony brings over 2 years experience to our sales floor. Very knowledgeable with all of our products and also another expert when it comes to your Navi and Bluetooth set ups.

    *Please see Anthony's video in English on how to set up your Navi and Bluetooth

  • Vitaliy
    Sales Staff

    Vitaliy brings a wealth of knowledge from over 8 years of whole selling to now selling on the floor.  Always has a smile on his face and ready to help out everybody. 

    (English and Russian)

    *Please see Vitilay's video in Russian on how to set up your Navi and Bluetooth

  • Ray
    Sales Staff

    Ray is the newest member of our team, he brings another element to our team with being able to speak Persian Turkish along with English.

    (English, Persian and Turkish)

  • Vlada

    Vlada has been in the automotive business for 9 years, she is a great representative and our administrative support for our front desk and we are lucky to have her with us. 

    (English and Russian)

  • Daniel
    Business Office

    Daniel brings with him over 5 years experience both on the floor selling and also with the Business Office. One of the best Business Manager's out there, if your credit is weak or in trouble Daniel is here to help.